The secrets of brewing Teguanien (TGY):

Please with its taste qualities, it must be properly brewed. Oolongs need a liquid that has a lower brewing temperature, so the water must be brought to the state of initial boiling, until the appearance of the first bubbles. Too high temperature destroys useful trace elements, essential oils, responsible for the unique aroma of the drink. Ware for pre-heating hot water. 5-7 grams of tea are added to the prepared container, poured with boiled water, cover with a lid. The consistency is gently shaken, after ten minutes it is poured into cups. In the brewer should not remain a drink, if it is, it must be poured. Quality tea can be brewed 5-6 times, each time getting a special taste.

Teguanin is considered the most expensive sort of tea. Despite the frequent harvest, preference is given to the spring harvest, which has the most intense flavor. The popularity of the variety led to the fact that tea began to grow in different places, but leaves from the southern province of Fujian Ansya, where the most suitable geographical conditions influencing the taste qualities, are most valued. Collection of raw materials is carried out 4 times a year, at this time in the capital come to drink fans, businessmen who sell tea, tasters.

Variety has become widely popular because of its unique taste, but also due to the useful properties that it possesses. The drink removes toxins, rejuvenates the skin, the face and the entire body as a whole. The ability to break down fats with prolonged use of this tea leads to a noticeable weight loss, the formation of a slender figure. The work of the cardiovascular system also significantly improves, the pressure normalizes, the walls of the vessels become stronger, the viscosity of the blood decreases. Tea is an effective way to prevent the development of cancer, reduces the risk of malignant tumors. Tea Teguanin affects the mood, if you take a drink in the morning, it raises it, toning the whole body. If you use it in the evenings, it has the opposite effect, relaxing and having a soothing effect. In the case of disorders of the nervous system, it is taken as a natural antidepressant.