Ya Bao Premium White Tea

$10.00 / Oz

This is a gentle, white tea made from the buds of Puern trees.

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This sort of tea is harvested from old Puern trees in Yunnan Province. As a rule, those buds that could suffer from frost are used, such raw materials are not suitable for the production of more expensive varieties, but ideal for the Ya Bao variety, which is why this variety is not expensive enough . After collecting the buds are processed characteristic of white tea. The aroma is light, and the taste is very delicate, with hints of fruit and fresh wood.

It soothes the nervous system, balances the state of mind, perfectly quenches thirst. I Bao is rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Amount of Tea

1 Teaspoon / 8 Oz of Water

Time of Infusion

2-3 Minutes


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