Shu Pu-erh – Old Grandpa Finest Pu-Erh

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$10.00 / 1.76 Oz Disk

A round, flat, 50g  disc or puck-shaped tea. Depending on the pressing method, the edge of the disk can be rounded or perpendicular. It is also commonly known as Qīzí bǐngchá (七子餅茶, literally “seven units cake tea”) because seven of the bing are packaged together at a time for sale or transport.

Pu’er traditionally begins as a raw product known as “rough” máochá (毛茶) and can be sold in this form or pressed into a number of shapes and sold as “raw” shēngchá (生茶). Both of these forms then undergo the complex process of gradual fermentation and maturation with time. The wòduī (渥堆) fermentation process developed in 1973 by the Kunming Tea Factory created a new type of pu’er tea. This process involves an accelerated fermentation into “ripe” shúchá (熟茶) which is then stored loose or pressed into various shapes. The fermentation process was adopted at the Menghai Tea Factory shortly after and technically developed there. The legitimacy of shúchá is disputed by some traditionalists in contrast to aged teas. All types of pu’er can be stored to mature before consumption, which is why it is commonly labelled with the year and region of production.

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Pu’er or pu-erh or is a variety of fermented tea produced in Yunnan province, China, and named after the town of Pu’er. Fermentation in the context of tea production involves microbial fermentation and oxidation of the tea leaves, after they have been dried and rolled. This process is a Chinese specialty and produces tea known as hēichá (黑茶), commonly translated as dark, or black tea. This type of tea is different from what in the West is known as “black tea”, which in China is called “hóngchá” (红茶) i.e. “red tea”. The best known variety of this category of tea is pu’er from Yunnan Province, named after the trading post for dark tea during imperial China.

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Weight 2 oz
Water Temperature

95ºC or 203 ºF

Time of Infusion

1-2 Minutes

Amount of Tea

1 Teaspoon / 8 Oz of Water

1 review for Shu Pu-erh – Old Grandpa Finest Pu-Erh

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ilie Capatana (verified owner)

    I’ve tried Pu-erh tea for the first time at a friends house while searching for a coffee substitute. He suggested to try out the capsules of Pu-erh that he had in the drawer, those were small pressed buttons which open up in a cup of hot water. After taking a few sips of the tea I immediately felt an invigorating feeling, nothing like I have ever experienced from drinking a strong espresso or tea. This amazing experience took me in search of the best quality of Pu-erh that I could possibly get on the market. Gladly, I came across Teadastore with their amazing Old Grandpa Pu-erh, the craving for quality was completely satisfied, not being a tea connoisseur I got what I was expecting.
    The Pu-erh medallion came in a nice resealable package. The tea is firmly compressed and would break with a bit of effort. Following the simple guidelines on the package, I brewed an extremely satisfying cup of Pu-erh.
    I gifted a few medallions to my friends, so whenever they need a kick of motivation, they can have it at ease by brewing some of this delicious tea.

    Thank you Teadastore for the great tea experience!

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