Liu Bao Bing Premium Puerh

$9.00 / Oz

The famous fermented tea from Guangxi

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The famous tea from Guangxi, which gained fame in the early nineteenth century under the Qing Emperor Yunyang, when its large-scale export to the countries of Southeast Asia began. He was particularly popular in Malaysia among Chinese immigrants who went there to work in tin mines, for which he was the main means of keeping fit. The production of “Liu Bao” is concentrated in the district of Wuzhou in the mountains of Guidongshan at an altitude of 1000-1500 m above sea level. The best tea is from the villages of Gunzhou and Heishitsun, as well as Loditsun and Zantsun. Red-yellow soils formed by weathering of rocks in these places are especially rich in phosphorus, iron and other minerals. The raw material is a kidney and 2-3 upper leaves of a tea-plant variety.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Amount of Tea

1 Teaspoon / 8 Oz of Water

Time of Infusion

1-2 Minutes

Water Temperature

95ºC or 203 ºF


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