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  • Linden Flower Tea

    The linden tea is the number one remedy for colds. Aromatic hot tea with honey addition will perfectly warm in the dank autumn weather, increase the resistance of the body at the first signs of a cold, relieve tension and soothe. All thanks to the excellent composition and useful substances that we enrich our body with, sipping linden tea.

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  • Shen-Puer-Liu-Bao-Bin-Premium-at-TeadaStore-Stack

    Liu Bao Bing Premium Puerh

    The famous fermented tea from Guangxi

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  • Liu-Bao-Black-Tea-at-TeadaStore

    Liu Bao Black Tea

    The taste is thick and soft, easy to drink. The color of the infusion is very dark in all, close to shu pu-erh.

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  • mint-tea-from-teada

    Mint Tea

    Mint tea has a pleasant cooling effect, which makes it particularly relevant in the hot season. The leaves of this plant contain menthol. It is this component that is able to give such a characteristic aroma and taste qualities to mint. In Korea, traditional mint tea called bakha-cha is made with East Asian wild mint leaves.

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  • Passion-Punch-Black-Tea-from-Teadastore

    Passion Punch Black Tea

    Black Tea with passion fruit flower from teadaStore. Its tropical aroma and visual appeal far outweighs their minimal flavor, which is slightly bitter. As a relaxing tea they impart a mildly fruity flavor that is often complimented by chamomile, lemon balm, valerian root and St. John’s Wort.

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  • Red Rose Petals Tea

    Tea from petals of tea rose is one of the most popular flower teas. Petals of a tea rose can be brewed, both independently and flavor them with tea.

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  • Organic-Rooibos-Tea-from-Teadastore

    Rooibos Tea

    Rooibos tea or red tea is an herbal beverage, with medicinal properties, that is acquired from the Aspalathus linearis bush plant found in South Africa.

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  • Roseship-Tea-from-Teadastore

    Roseship Tea

    Roseship Tea – a wonderful tool for strengthening immunity and general health of the body.

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  • Shan-Ling-Xi-Taiwan-Oolong-Teada

    Shan Ling Xi – Taiwan Oolong

    Shan Ling Xi is a delicious buttery green oolong from Nantou County, Taiwan. Shan Lin Xi is a pristine nature reserve known for its maples, wild-flowers, and butterflies. Tea from this region has a distinctive clear, crisp flavor and aroma known to oolong connoisseurs around the world. Shan Lin Xi translates to “Pine Forrest Stream”. Our Shan Lin Xi tea farm is located on a steep hill at an altitude of 6,000 ft (1,800 m). The area is a beautiful forest of pine trees and bamboos and running rivers that enhance the environment for tea production.

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