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  • Organic-Forever-Fruit-Herbal-tea-from-teadastore

    Forever Fruit & Herbal Tea

    An excellent herbal tea with a pinch of rosehip, lemongrass, hibiscus, orange peel and peppermint. All ingredients are organic.

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  • hibiscus tea organic from

    Hibiscus Tea

    The tea made of hibiscus flowers is known by many names in many countries around the world and is served both hot and cold. The beverage is well known for its red color, tartness and unique flavor. Additionally, it is highly nutritious because of its vitamin C content.

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  • Honeybush Tea from teadaStore

    Honeybush Tea

    The leaves of honeybush are commonly used to make herbal teas. It grows only in small areas in the southwest and southeast of South Africa and has many similarities with rooibos.

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  • Hong-Jin-Lo-Yellow-Tea-at-Teadastore

    Hong Jin Lo

    Amazing “Golden spirals” are grown in Yunnan province, among the richest in beauty of mountain landscapes.

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  • Huoshan-Yellow-Tea-at-TeadaStore

    Huoshan Yellow Tea

    A very delicate, delicate yellow tea, reassuring for calm, contemplation and meditation.

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  • Organic-Jasmine-Pearls-Tea-from-Teadastore

    Jasmine Pearls Tea

    Jasmine tea is tea with jasmine flowers. Tea with jasmine has been very popular in China since ancient times. Jasmine is most often added to green and white tea, sometimes to black. Jasmine flowers are a natural flavor of tea.

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  • Jin-Jun-Mei-Premium-at-TeadaStore

    Jin Jun Mei Premium Red Tea

    Jin Jun Mei grows at an altitude of 1150-1850 meters above sea level in the Chinese province of Fujian. This tea is made from tea buds. Imagine that for the production of 1kg of tea Jin Jun Mei need to collect about 50 thousand tea buds. This is a very laborious process, because even twenty highly skilled tea pickers will spend two working days to collect so many buds. Naturally the cost of tea “Golden Eyebrows” is quite high.

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  • Lan-Gui-Ren-Ginseng-Oolong-Tea-by-Teada

    Lan Gui Ren – Ginseng Oolong Tea

    Lan Gui Ren, which translates to “Lady Orchid”, originates from the southwestern province of Yunnan, China. This tea is produced by tightly compressing the grinded tea leaves with powdered American Ginseng and Liquorice Grass into the shape of tiny tablets.

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  • Lao-Shou-Mei-White-Tea-Eyebrows-of-the-Elder-at-TeadaStore

    Lao Shou Mei White Tea Eyebrows of the Elder

    A delicious aromatic tea, from which you can begin your acquaintance with white teas.

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