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  • Jin-Jun-Mei-Premium-at-TeadaStore

    Jin Jun Mei Premium Red Tea

    Jin Jun Mei grows at an altitude of 1150-1850 meters above sea level in the Chinese province of Fujian. This tea is made from tea buds. Imagine that for the production of 1kg of tea Jin Jun Mei need to collect about 50 thousand tea buds. This is a very laborious process, because even twenty highly skilled tea pickers will spend two working days to collect so many buds. Naturally the cost of tea “Golden Eyebrows” is quite high.

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  • Liu-Bao-Black-Tea-at-TeadaStore

    Liu Bao Black Tea

    The taste is thick and soft, easy to drink. The color of the infusion is very dark in all, close to shu pu-erh.

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