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  • feng-huang-dan-cong-Guangdong-Province-Tea-from-Teada

    Feng Huang Dan Cong Red Label – Oolong of Guangdong Province

    Dancong is a Chinese oolong tea. It is difficult to brew correctly and can easily become bitter; however, when done right, a high-grade cup is regarded by many as the ultimate tea. Known for its ability to imitate the flavors and aromas of various fruits and flowers, it can taste and/or smell like longan (a popular fruit in China) orchids, honeysuckle, dried fruit, ginger, almonds, grapefruit, cinnamon, sweet apricots, peach and mango.

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  • Lan-Gui-Ren-Ginseng-Oolong-Tea-by-Teada

    Lan Gui Ren – Ginseng Oolong Tea

    Lan Gui Ren, which translates to “Lady Orchid”, originates from the southwestern province of Yunnan, China. This tea is produced by tightly compressing the grinded tea leaves with powdered American Ginseng and Liquorice Grass into the shape of tiny tablets.

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  • tieguanyin-huang-xiang-chinese-oolong-tea-teada

    Tieguanyin Tea – Get Iron Warrior Tea – TGY

    Classic Tieguan will leave you very pleased with its taste. It’s a legendary oolong tea. The best quality that you can get of  TGY. If you’re looking to get Iron Warrior Tea, then it’s Anxi, Fujian Province Tea, Iron Goddess of Mercy, Raw Green Tieguanyin Tea

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