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  • Organic-Jasmine-Pearls-Tea-from-Teadastore

    Jasmine Pearls Tea

    Jasmine tea is tea with jasmine flowers. Tea with jasmine has been very popular in China since ancient times. Jasmine is most often added to green and white tea, sometimes to black. Jasmine flowers are a natural flavor of tea.

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  • Tai-Ping-Hou-Kui-Teada

    Taiping Houkui – Green Tea

    Taiping houkui (Chinese: 太平猴魁; pinyin: tàipíng hóukuí; literally: “peaceful monkey leader”; pronounced [tʰâipʰǐŋ xǒukʰwěi]) tea is grown at the foot of Huangshan (黄山) in the former Taiping Prefecture, Anhui. The tea has been produced since the beginning of the 20th century and is produced around the small village of Hou Keng (猴坑). It won the “King of Tea” award in China Tea Exhibition 2004 and is sometimes listed as a China famous tea.

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  • Xihu Longjing Pan Roasted Green Tea of Longjing Village Teadastore

    Xihu Longjing – Pan Roasted Green Tea of Longjing Village

    Longjing tea (simplified Chinese: 龙井茶; traditional Chinese: 龍井茶; pinyin: lóngjǐng chá; Cantonese Yale: lung4 jeng2 cha4; Standard Chinese pronunciation [lʊ̌ŋ.tɕìŋ.ʈʂʰǎ]), sometimes called by its literal translated name Dragon Well tea, is a variety of pan-roasted green tea from the area of Longjing Village near Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, China. It is produced mostly by hand and renowned for its high quality, earning it the China Famous Tea title.

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